John Hollander founded the Advocacy Club in 2007 to fill the gap between substantive law taught in law school and the practice of law. Law school and the daily grind of a law firm do not train junior lawyers in the techniques of gathering information (or evidence) and analyzing that information to create opinions, briefs and examination outlines.

Since its creation, the Advocacy Club has used a simple concept as the basis for the techniques it presents. All techniques must derive from a practical, teachable formula. And all presentations must incorporate exercises so that trainees can practice what the trainers preach. Learn by doing!

The Advocacy Club Masterclass Series incorporates the lessons accumulated from many years of application. The Boot Camp is a compilation of the five essential skills necessary for the modern litigator. Thee skills start with two that all lawyers require: interview techniques and case analysis. From there, the Boot Camp builds on these techniques to create the foundation for direct and cross examinations and argument.

The Advocacy Club conducted its sessions in person until distance learning became commonplace and effective. Streaming video offers the freedom and flexibility for learning at your own pace, on your own time and in your own location. Eager junior lawyers demonstrate the techniques, empowering you to practice these techniques using exercises in the Show Notes using a Case Study of universal application. High quality professional production and low cost make the presentations both interesting and affordable.

The Advocacy Club’s mission has remained constant throughout. Now, with the Masterclass Series, the mission can expand to cover the whole English-speaking world.
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Meet our team

John Hollander
A lawyer since 1978 in Ottawa, Canada , John founded the Advocacy Club in 2007 to train junior lawyers in the arts of civil advocacy. ​​ John also teaches analysis and advocacy ​techniques to students at the University of Ottawa's school of common law. He has introduced experiential courses, in which he uses the Advocacy Club methodology to train upper-year law students to become junior associates in litigation practices.
Vanessa Poirier
Prior to graduating from the Faculty of Law from the University of Ottawa, Vanessa graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film Studies, from Carleton University, and a diploma in Television Broadcasting from Algonquin College. Vanessa brings an exceptional amount of media expertise to the table, after spending over a decade producing national prime-time television programming for HGTV, Food Network, and Gusto TV. Vanessa also gained extensive business relations while managing international programming sales and acquisitions from various broadcasters around the world.
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Each video contains presentations from a leading instructor and unrehearsed demonstrations of the techniques by junior lawyers, accompanied by immediate feedback.  Homework encourages participants to try the techniques on their own.


We leverage the direction and production skills of professional videographers.


Practical. Actionable. Affordable.  Recognized as substantive CPD by the Law Society of Ontario, check with your Bar Association or Law Society for how to claim credits from the courses available here. 
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