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Final Argument

Resist the urge to recite everything that happened at trial. Follow this formula for a persuasive final argument - one that presents your theme and the reasons why it is fit and just that your argument should prevail. 
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  • 26 minutes of professionally produced video

  • This video features presentations of the techniques and three junior litigators demonstrating them through exercises

  • Show Notes

  • Case Study (common to all courses in the Boot Camp Series)
  • Handbook, Introduction to Trial Advocacy, by John Hollander in his law school course
  • Advocacy Club Certificate of Completion

The formula approach 

In final argument, the lawyer presents the conclusions. The goal is to persuade to the decision-maker of the merits of the case. Theory meets theme in this course on legal rhetoric.

The video focuses on each of the streps of the formula:

·       The use of the theme in your first         sentence.

·       The roadmap.

·       Making your points and dealing with the opposition’s points.

·       The conclusion, including the call to action.

Put your best foot forward

 In this course, you will learn the formula of the persuasive closing statement and how to deliver it in a way that the decision-maker can follow.

Learn to persuade by focusing on what's important.  Keep to your theme and show not only why your argument is correct in law, but why your position should prevail in fairness and equity.
Meet the instructor

John Hollander

A lawyer since 1978 in Ottawa, Canada , John founded the Advocacy Club in 2007 to train junior lawyers in the arts of civil advocacy. ​​

John also teaches analysis and advocacy ​techniques to students at the University of Ottawa's school of common law. He has introduced experiential courses, in which he uses the Advocacy Club methodology to train upper-year law students to become junior associates in litigation practices.

John's handbooks on Legal Writing (Irwin Law), Public Speaking and Speechwriting (self-published), are available on the Shop Tab. 
John Hollander, Litigator. Trainer. Author.
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