advocacy club masterclass series

Interview Techniques 

Interviews are the main technique by which lawyers gather information from people: clients, potential witnesses, experts and even other lawyers.

The first of the two episodes in this course, Interview Techniques 1, presents the Advocacy Club's Five and Out Technique of interviewing people.

The second episode, Interview Techniques 2, presents more advanced techniques of interviewing. It features the lawyer's best technique - how to ask the hard question. That's the one that must have a good answer or it bodes ill for the case!
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  • Total 46 minutes of professionally produced video.
  • Each video features presentations of the techniques and two junior litigators demonstrating them through exercises
  • Interview Techniques 1 is bundled with Interview Techniques 2
  • Show Notes
  • Case Study for use in all the exercises (common to all courses in the Boot Camp Series)
  • Handbook, Introduction to Trial Advocacy, by John Hollander in his law school course
  • Advocacy Club Certificate of Completion

Learn to interview people

In relations with clients, witnesses, and professionals, how you conduct an interview is often decisive of success. 

In this two-video course, you will learn how to structure your questions to get the information you need, build confidence in the person you are interviewing, and develop rapport. By demonstrating your interview skills, you can show professionalism and gain a competitive advantage over your peers. 

Where the first video focuses on questioning sequences, the second focuses on looping (leveraging what the person says for your next question) and asking the hard questions, the ones that might put the person in a bad light that warrant an explanation. 

Gather the facts for case analysis 

Lawyers need all the facts to analyze the cases, to support their opinions, to make decisions on strategy.

In this course, you will learn how to separate the important from the trivial, and to pursue the important lines of question to their conclusion. 

Using the Advocacy Club's Five-and Out Technique, you will learn how to keep the person you are interviewing on the same page, avoid confusion and get all the important information. This will arm you to perform case analysis to develop a persuasive opinion and strategy.   
Meet the instructor

John Hollander

A lawyer since 1978 in Ottawa, Canada , John founded the Advocacy Club in 2007 to train junior lawyers in the arts of civil advocacy. ​​

John also teaches analysis and advocacy ​techniques to students at the University of Ottawa's school of common law. He has introduced experiential courses, in which he uses the Advocacy Club methodology to train upper-year law students to become junior associates in litigation practices.

John's handbook on Interview Skills for Lawyers is available from Irwin Law, on the Shop Tab.
To see if he practices what he preaches, visit John's website,, where he interviews lawyers, both senior and junior, about topics of professional interest.
John Hollander- Litigator. Trainer. Professor.
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